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Christa Griffith, mom of a 1 year old boy, Lyle

Baby Dream Cream™, Oh you have saved our life! I have wasted so much money on diaper rash products it’s unbelievable.. Nothing ever helped my poor sons rash. He LOVED fruit and most fruit gave him a painful rash. The only thing I could do was take the fruit away from him, and this was heartbreaking. Until one day I was given a tub of Baby Dream Cream™ to try. I was so eager to try it, especially with such a catchy name. That next morning, the rash was 95% gone. I was in SHOCK and so happy!

We still use the goo with every diaper change and I couldn’t be any happier! And another plus, the smell is wonderful!

We will never switch back to those overpriced store brand diaper ointments!

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