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Forty five years ago, a Navy Corpsman came up with the ingredients of a cream that would change the way we look at diaper rash and skin irritations. He spent time, energy and effort in putting together this ointment, that he dispersed to Navy dependent Moms for their new little ones to help fight diaper rash. It was so popular and in demand, that he began making it and giving it out as needed. After a period of time, the corpsman was transferred to another duty station and he took the recipe for the salve with him and was put away. Today that recipe has been revived and is now once again being produced to meet the needs of skin irritations, diaper rashes and dry skin that cause havoc to small children. It soothes and heals in a very short time, again making it a popular choice for Moms everywhere. We consider it a home recipe.

Luster Martin was a Navy Corpsman and  a Nurse, he continued to work in healthcare being involved in Hospital Administration and Home Care. The last 20 years of his career found him in Wound Care where he concentrated on the healing of all types of wounds.